A Successful Way to Lose Weight,How to Lose 30 Pounds In A Month?

Why I can not  lose weight? 


How to lose weight over night? How to lose 30 Pounds  in a month? 

It is the question we all ask ourselves at one point.

It is obvious that when we start to ask ourselves this question, we already have a behavior and a lifestyle which unwillingly brought us to this stage.

There is an aspect which most people, nutritionists and even medicine neglect that is emotional SHOCK, the episode or the event which triggered this manifestation in our lives. 90% of the obesity cases comes after an episode in our life, an emotional shock, or as specialists call it, inner conflict or program for survival.

Yes, you heard it well! It all started once.


And to get convinced, do yourself a test and think at that moment when you started to gain weight.

Think about that event which happened in your life and which triggered this situation. Everything has a beginning. And now you are wondering and looking for answers and fast ways to lose 30 Pounds  in 30 days.

Yes, there are a lot of diets and programs but the ones that also has an answer to this problem are few. The problem being: how do i get over that emotional shock which made me pun an extra Pounds every day? It is clear that by resolving the emotional shock, conflict of survival, it is also possible with a diet and training which i could include in my daily routine, so that i can lose 30 Pounds  in one month.

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